The Earthsound Project News en-us Copyright 2024 JT Bullitt 2024-07-15T11:41:14+01:00 jt bullitt What's new Migration to Apple Silicon hardware The upgrade of the Planetary Sound Machine's servers to newer hardware at MacStadium is almost complete. (Farewell, servers Urania, Selene, and Nut! Welcome, servers Cygnus, Persephone, Osiris, and Rhea!) During the move, I finally fixed a long-standing bug where the event markers in the spectrograms were being displayed at the wrong time. Welcome Uganda, Puerto Rico, and Kwajalein! Tonight I added IRIS seismic stations KWAJ (Kwajalein Atoll), MBAR (Uganda), and SJG (Puerto Rico) to the Planetary Sound Machine. Kwajalein, a remote atoll in the Pacific Ocean, has for decades served as target practice for intercontinental ballistic missiles launched from the US. Now is your chance to listen to the Earth's side of that story. Earth meets cloud The Planetary Sound Machine is moving! The rack of tired old Mac Minis in my studio that have valiantly powered the PSM for years are finally retiring. I'm gradually replacing them with Mac Minis and VMs in the cloud, with the help of MacStadium. Watch this space for some new seismic and infrasound stations coming online. The sounds of ice and sea Check out these glorious and delicious sounds of ice, sea, and Earth, brought to us from the seismic station at Palmer Station, Antarctica. The atmosphere in stereo The infrasound audio stream from Pigeon Hill is now coming to you in stereo. The two sensors used for this audio stream are separated by about 20 meters -- about 100 times the distance between your ears.